Tomorrow is my 10 year anniversary with suicidegirls! Today I am sharing a few peeks at the “Code Blue” set that came out in 2008. Shot by tmronin.
Looking back on it now, this set is the complete antithesis of what the current set standard is. Nowadays SG likes natural lighting, natural makeup, soft expressions and simple wardrobe. Code Blue is edgy, harsh, and very freaky. Certainly would never have made it to front page these days!

Two days away from my 10 year suicidegirls anniversary!
This is a pic from my 2008 set by tmronin shot in a fellow SG’s (Oubliette Suicide) garden.

Continuing my almost 10 year anniversary with suicidegirls are pics from my 2007 set “Prom Queen”
This is the set that is featured in the giant SG coffee table book…of which I am super good at turning right to my page because I’ve signed it so many times!

Our annual outing to pick out pumpkins!

Got my spooky on to go pick out pumpkins today. :-)

Got my spooky on to go pick out pumpkins today. :-)

Some big pole spins to cool down after teaching aerials classes.

Getting closer to the 10 year anniversary of my suicidegirls career… today are two pics from my set “Hero Worship” shot by tmronin
This set was shot at a comic book art and animation cell studio near New York (all of the comics in the set are from my collection though). This set had to be edited twice before going live on the site. The first time we were asked to tame it down a bit. (There were really graphic cartoon sex scenes.) And then we were asked to edit out all comic book logos, symbols, and costumes! This was an absolute nightmare to do but we got it done! Now that copyright rules on the site seem to be more relaxed, I would love to post the original set sometime.

I’m the richest girl in the ‘verse. 

Thanks to @deathbysprnkles for the Firefly money.  ;-)

I’m the richest girl in the ‘verse.

Thanks to @deathbysprnkles for the Firefly money. ;-)

Next up on my set pic a day till my suicidegirls 10 year anniversary…. is my 2006 set “Tiny Dancer” shot by tmronin
This was the first set of many that Steve and I would do together over the years. It was a fun set that allowed me to show off some pole dance skills. It was shot while the club was actually open and some of the customers kept trying to “direct” the shots and tell Steve how to shoot it. Haha :-P

Keeping with my promise of posting an old suicidegirls pic each day until my ten year anniversary…
I give you 2 shots from the 2005 set “Squeakbot” shot by Nadya Lev.
This set was the first I did that had a storyline and some humor thrown in. We had to shoot it twice because the original set had very little nudity in it and so pics like the one on the left were added in later to meet the site’s requirements. ;-)